Separate Mobile Website Solutions | Rochester NY

Many web development companies today are pushing responsive design websites. Responsive design is nice in that it will allow you to format a page specific for devices such as a tablet or a smartphone. But another option for your business may be to better to develope an adaptive design to send smartphone users to a separate website that you can customize to fit their unique needs.

On this page are examples of live Separate Mobile websites. You can use the scrollbar and your curser to view the entire mobile website.

MobileBrandBuilder is a modification to SiteBrandBuilder that allows you to easily manage and update your own mobile website and view your changes on the same screen and it integrates very well with a website built with SiteBrandBuilder. If the two pages on each site match, then a user accessing that page on a smartphone will automatically be sent to the correct page.

Mobile WebsitesAdditionally, the software will generate bidirectional tags which provide a hint to search engines that there is a mobile version of that page when the search engine crawls the page.

It will also include a reference to the page in the XML Sitemap. With these hints Google will apply Skip Redirect to send the moible visitor directly to your mobile site.

Should a user ever decide that they prefer the desktop version of a site, they can simply click a link provided in the footer to take them to the desktop version.

This preference will be remembered for them in the future. Should they ever decide they would like to go back to the mobile version, they can click on another link to take them back.

Adaptive design has another benefit for those interested in Natural Search Optimization. Google currently limits search query results in the Google Webmaster Tools to 2,000 queries per day.

By having a separate site you can double the amount of query data per day. We support the ability to specify the mobile home screen bookmark icon for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. You can also set a web page start screen image for iOS devices.


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