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Kevin is the director of Client Relations and Project Manager for the BrandBuilder Company. As the lead project manager, Kevin brings over 9 years of web/graphic design talent and search engine marketing experience to our team and has been involved in more than 150+ web development and search engine marketing campaigns.

5 years and still going …

This week marks the 5 year anniversary of my time with the BrandBuilderCompany. When I first started back in October of 2006, we were simply know as Ignite Worldwide and our focus was on providing website solutions for small businesses. … Continue reading

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Web Color and Image Choices

Last week we discussed the importance of defining who your target audience is and here is where that information comes in. When working on your layout take into account the purpose of the web site and who will most likely … Continue reading

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Defining Your Website

  Let’s discuss one of the more overlooked aspects of building a website, how to define your website. Now that you have your business plan laid out it’s time to start building your web site, right? Well, not just yet.The … Continue reading

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