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I’m 52 years old and I purchased my first personal computer 20 years ago. Back then I was working at a large local corporation where I was assigned to a special project analyzing employee survey data. The extremely patient woman overseeing the project taught me how to use something called a Macintosh computer.

I was amazed at what this thing could do, and I had to have one at home. I ended up buying a Compaq PC instead because… as I remember, it was about half the price. So it was way back then that I first discovered the “world wide web” and I spent hours searching for things. I was fascinated beyond words with, what was then known as, the internet of things… and kind of obsessed with learning more about how it all worked.

Personal computers would soon become a household appliance for many people, and the one tool that would drastically change the business world. Today, we’re literally carrying them around in our pockets and beginning to wear them on our wrists.

The power of search

We can now search instantly for an answer to almost any question, whenever we want, wherever we are. But even with the growing prominence of online search, too many business owners don’t fully grasp the importance of “getting found” on the internet.

Some only see their website as an internet brochure, beautifully designed (hopefully), but really nothing more than a digital extension of the printed marketing materials they’ve used for years. Some may simply assume that their website, by it’s very existence on the web, alone will attract potential new customers.

But without intentional search marketing efforts to improve rankings in online search engine results, your website may only be servicing the needs of your existing customers. And it’s unlikely that it will ever be found by anyone searching the internet today for your product or service.

Your website may have served it’s purpose well when you created it 5 or 10 years ago, but so much has changed since then. This is NOT your father’s search engine. Search engine marketing is a big part of the the answer to preventing your company from suffering the the same fate as Oldsmobile.

What’s stopping you?

So what’s preventing business owners from not only recognizing this, but actually doing something about it? There are many reasons why, but from what I’ve experienced, the primary obstacle is a lack of knowledge among internal decision makers about search marketing.

Part of the challenge for some of these decision makers is generational. They lack familiarity and  hands-on experience with the tools and platforms that define this area of marketing expertise. And it’s constantly changing and evolving… faster than most people over 40 can fully comprehend.

Simply put… if you want anyone to find your website tomorrow, you need to put search marketing plans in place today. And commit to hiring the expertise to make that happen.

Later this week we’ll answer the question: “What is search marketing?”  Or you could just Google it like everyone else does.



Jerry is the president and owner of Brand Builder Websites. With an intense desire to help others succeed, Jerry guides business owners and professionals toward good decisions about how to effectively deliver their online message to the right audience. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, customer service and sales, Jerry excels in helping people and businesses connect, collaborate and grow.
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