SiteBrandBuilder RSS Module Toggle Update

The SiteBrandBuilder RSS module can now toggle three new settings to let you give you more control over the display of RSS feeds.

SiteBrandBuilder RSS Module Settings

The RSS Module has been upgraded with three new options. You can now:

  • Hide a RSS Feed’s title and description. Previously you could not prevent them from displaying.
  • Show each feed item’s description. Previously the module would only show a link to the item.

Screenshot of the new SiteBrandBuilder RSS module options.

Where can I use this?

A great use of the SiteBrandBuilder RSS module is to include your blog’s recent posts on your site’s home page. Another way you can use the RSS module is to include these posts in a universal box that appears on every page in your site. Trinity Home Renovations recently chose to add this option. Because the items come from their blog they did not need to include the feed’s title or description on every page.

As a reminder, the RSS module caches RSS feed results for up to an hour. It also disables certain caching features and thus causes a minor delay to the loading of the page. It’s not significant, and the benefits of fresh-er content on each page will far out-way the slight delay.

That’s it for this little upgrade to the SiteBrandBuilder RSS module. Got an idea for an upgrade? Let us know!



Brian is the Director of Development and Social Media for Brand Builder Websites where he oversees the development, strategy, and goals for our software development. He is also a huge fan of Android.
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