Top 5 Ways To Promote Your Website

Use online marketing to promote your website through SEO, SEM, Social Media, Ads, and Affiliate websites.All of us at Brand Builder Websites are super passionate about designing and building awesome websites. But we are the first to admit that building an amazing site is only half the battle. Your new site launches, it looks great…and then you wait and wait for the visitors to start flowing in. But alas, the phrase “if you build it, they will come” isn’t always true. Let us help with 5 ways to promote your new site.

In no particular order, we proudly give you this year’s list of the Top 5 Ideas To Promote Your Website:

  1. E-Mail Signature – Is your e-mail signature super boring? Does it feature black & white text using Times New Roman font? Yeah, we figured as much. Spend some time and have someone help you design a sharp looking e-mail signature that promotes you, your company and oh yeah — your new website! You probably want to include links to your social media as well. Just don’t put in your fax number. Do people still use fax machines?
  2. Social Media – Sort of a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how often this is overlooked. Be sure your social profiles list your website URL. Also, we recommend giving yourself a “shout out” once a week on social media while including a direct link back to one of the pages on your site. It’s OK to toot your own horn; just don’t do it too often.
  3. Search Engines – Getting your website to show up in search engine results (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) is easier said than done. The search engines use a secret formula for determining who gets ranked higher as compared to your competitors. You can also pay to have ads run and get more direct traffic to your site! Seek professional help with this area — you’ll be glad you did.
  4. Word of Mouth – This is often overlooked. As you’re talking to your customers, engage them. Tell them about your new website and some of the reasons they should visit you. If you’re a retail shop, encourage them to visit and write a review or share their feedback. If you’re a B2B company, leverage your connections and tell your colleagues.
  5. Advertising & Signage – Anytime you use your logo, considering putting your URL. In a print ad, online or even on the side of your company’s truck or cars. Within reason, it can’t hurt to put your website address out there!


With 15+ years experience in marketing, Chris specializes in marketing small and medium size businesses online. He has a background in web design & development, online media, search engine advertising and public relations. Having worked with numerous businesses and advertising agencies in the Rochester area, Chris is well known for his creativity, efficiency and ability to “bridge the gap” between a business problem and generating proven results.
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