SiteBrandBuilder Software Updates

We have recently rolled out updates to SiteBrandBuilder. These updates will improve your experience building websites with SiteBrandBuilder.

SiteBrandBuilder Update: New File Gallery

SiteBrandBuilder Update: New File Gallery.

The File Gallery was completely redesigned to include many requested features. These features are something we promised a while back. The new features include:

  • Tree based directories along the left and two columns of files on the right.
  • Directories will scroll with the window.
  • Larger, easier to click buttons. These buttons are very easy to press with a finger.
  • High DPI devices receive retina-quality buttons.
  • Directory zip archive download now produces a zip of the directory you have selected.
  • Download file button.
  • File info button that launches a window that displays more information for a file. This information includes:
    • File upload/creation time.
    • Secured and unsecured URLs to reference the file.
    • List of modules that use the file and pages that they are on.
    • Images will now show the original dimensions, as well as a slider that tells you the dimensions at a given size, and a text box that lets you type in your own width.
    • If an image is a site icon or is a part of the site design.
    • Whether or not the file is a favicon.
  • Moving a file used by a module will now automatically update the module to use the new file path.

SiteBrandBuilder Update: Full IE10 Support

SiteBrandBuilder has now been updated to work with Internet Explorer 10 on desktops and tablets. At the time of its release SiteBrandBuilder supported IE10 on desktops. We did not want to add IE10 to our support chart until we added support for touch devices. This is what sparked interest in the Surface Pro.

IE10 does not support touch events. Touch events were what we used to build support for Android and iOS. IE10 instead supports pointer and gesture events. These events are arguably superior to touch events. They make it simpler to write events for the web. You can write one function that works the same for a mouse, a finger, or a pen. Inside the function you can change the behavior based on the contact type if you so choose. While pointer and gesture events are only supported by IE10, Microsoft is helping to bring them to WebKit. This means that future versions of Chrome, Opera, and Safari will support these events. Given that Mozilla is also working on the new pointer spec you should expect to see them in future versions of Firefox as well.

SiteBrandBuilder Update: Updated HTML5 File Upload

The File Upload window now  retains JPEG meta data. The HTML5 File Upload screen (supported by Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and IE10) will now keep the original EXIF and GPS information associated with an image. The type of information stored within EXIF includes the creation date and time for a photo, the type of camera, comments on the photo and copyright notices. This information is useful for some search engines such as Google Image Search.

SiteBrandBuilder Update: Bug Fixes

There are two minor bug fixes included with the recent updates. They include:

  • You can now drag newly created modules in Android devices.
  • You may now style forms built with the FormBuilder regardless of the name of the form. Previously it was not possible to style a form that had a title that started with a number (e.g. 2013 Class XYZ Sign-up).

This concludes the list of features we are rolling out this week. We have ideas for more features that we will bring to SiteBrandBuilder in the future. What would you like to see?



Brian is the Director of Development and Social Media for Brand Builder Websites where he oversees the development, strategy, and goals for our software development. He is also a huge fan of Android.
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