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Monthly Archives: March 2012

March, 2012 archive page for Brand Builder Websites.

Device Independent Pixel Formula For Mobile Devices

A Device Independent Pixel is an important factor in mobile devices. Many people focus on the screen size but the DPI gives the screen depth. Continue reading

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DNS Demystified

DNS is term you may have come across when launching/moving your website or your internet was having trouble. So what the heck is it? Continue reading

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Check In: A Social Experience

Check in here – A phrase you may have seen while you are out. You may be hesitant to publish your current location, so should you do it? Yes Continue reading

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Everyone’s excited about the new iPad

As if the iPad 2 didn’t already redefine the tablet game, Apple has done it again with the release of the iPad 3. Below in detail you will find a description outlining all the wonderful features and specifications of this device.

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