Wi-Fi Hotspot Problems You May Encounter

Wi-Fi Hotspot ProblemsSince I’ve gotten my smartphone the idea of being able to surf the internet anywhere has always interested me. With a limited data plan, I always like to be assured that I won’t go over but at the same time still be able to connect to the internet wherever I go. Lately I feel like the Wi-Fi Hotspots aren’t as “hot” as they could be. Seems like the only places I know I’m guaranteed Wi-Fi are at home, school, work, or a friends. There are way too many Wi-Fi Hotspot Problems for the day to day user. 

So I walk into McDonald’s, sit down and enjoy a nice shamrock shake and a poster on the window reads “Enjoy Free Wi-Fi Now.” So I select the only network that is available on my phone and open my spotify music app to find that I am still not connected.  Now I’m at the mall in the food court and the connection seems to be working.  I get up and walk into H&M and I check my mailbox to find that I am no longer connected.

Why is it that whenever I go somewhere I have a hard time finding Wi-Fi? Sure theres Wi-Fi available but that doesnt always mean I’ll be able to connect. Whether its a WPA key keeping me from it or some other type of restriction there always seems to be a Wi-Fi Hotspot problem. I have ran across all of these and my answer to this problem, my own personal Mobile HotSpot.

This just seems to be a perfect solution to everything now. It can be used at home to connect to your laptop, so that eliminates having to pay for that home internet connection. I can use it whenever I want and wherever I want. No more Wi-Fi Hotspot Problems for me… they have been solved.



Pamineo is a employee for the BrandBuilder Company where he works 2-3 mornings a week while completing his senior year at Bishop Kearney H.S. in Rochester, NY. After High School he wants to attend college to major in either Software Engineering or Computer Science.
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