Google Chrome’s rise to the top

It was only 3 years ago that Google had decided to push an independent web browser that they thought had no chance 6 years ago. Google has already risen to power, bypassing Firefox, Safari, and Opera. CNN’s writer, Doug Gross, suggests that Google Chrome could overtake Internet Explorer in the browser wars.

Today, Google Chrome has already reached  27% of the browser market, a number which is still climbing and suggests that it can pass Internet Explorer in months to come. It is not far behind, considering that Internet Explorer accounts for 37% of the market and has actually dropped in recent years. While Mozilla’s Firefox still remains a favorite among tech-savvy types, it comes in third with 25% and Apple’s Safari is far behind with about 6%. According to StatCounter, Chrome 15 became the world’s most used edition of a browser last December, surpassing Internet Explorer 8 for the first time.

Google says “People like it because it’s fast” which I noticed was very true after hopping on the bandwagon back in 2009. There are just so many features, such as the task manager for websites and the web store with apps which have ranked themselves among my favorites.

The strong support for the emerging HTML5 coding system and built-in Flash player goes to show how important being in front is to them .Their interface is the most interesting to me and the originality of most of what Google has created has paved the way in web browsing advances.

It is clear, as long as Google remains a superpower it will only continue to provide innovation to the computer industry as we know it.

The fact that Google can make their stance anywhere truly means a lot for the future of all their products and services. Above all things Google Chrome is safe, fast and secure.



Pamineo is a employee for the BrandBuilder Company where he works 2-3 mornings a week while completing his senior year at Bishop Kearney H.S. in Rochester, NY. After High School he wants to attend college to major in either Software Engineering or Computer Science.
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