2011 Predictions Results

It is the end of the year, so let us look back on the predictions we here at The BrandBuilder Company made for 2011. Where we dead on, or were we well off the mark?

Kevin’s Predictions

  1. Ribs and Wings become the official food of Thanksgiving – Unfortunately, this did not happen. 🙁
  2. Kevin GriciusGuinness hires me as an official taste tester – I was hoping for this so you could put in a good word for me. 🙁
  3. Miami Dolphins actually make it to the playoffs – As a Buffalo Bills fan I am happy about this not coming true.
  4. Mutton Chops come back into fashion – I still  question the “back” aspect of this prediction.
  5. My van makes it through another year – Success!

Brian’s Predictions

  1. There will be an Android based tablet to come out that will support the Android market – With the release of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) this prediction came true. Tablets such as the Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 did fairly well. I’m currently awaiting an Asus Transformer Prime to come in the mail, and very much looking forward to it.
  2. Android market share will continue to rise at an accelerated rate, but will still fall short of passing the iOS devices – This is an interesting one. In the smartphone only market share Android passed iOS, but when you count tablets and the iPod Touch iOS is ahead. I guess technically I’m wrong since I wasn’t specific enough.
  3. While it will still see user growth, the rate in which people leave Facebook will increase – With the release of Google+ this came true.
  4. Business interest in mobile will surpass interest in social networks, but interest in social networks will continue to grow – Business interest has DEFINITELY grown in the mobile arena, but I cannot find any stats to conclude either way if they have surpassed social networks.
  5. Brian LePoreE-mail spam will decline as it will move further into other avenues (Web comments, Instant Messaging, etc). – Looks like this happened. 🙂
  6. Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger movies will do very well in theaters, while the Green Lantern movie will just do okay – The movie Thor did $449,326,618 worldwide, Captain America did $368,604,473 worldwide, while Green Lantern did $222,001,172. Looks to me like Thor had a profit of 299,326,618, and Captain America had 228,604,473 while Green Lantern just made a profit of 22,001,172. None of those numbers count DVD sales, but Green Lantern did see the least profit in that arena while Captain America did the best. With Thor and Captain America seeing more then $200 million more in profit than Green Lantern, I’d say this prediction came true.
  7. Buffalo Bills will win a game prior to week ten, an improvement from the 2010 season – The start of this season and their performance last week was AWESOME! We even got a win over New England! What the heck happened in between? 🙁

So that’s it for our 2011 predictions. Look for a post from us soon on our predictions for 2012.



Brian is the Director of Development and Social Media for Brand Builder Websites where he oversees the development, strategy, and goals for our software development. He is also a huge fan of Android.
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