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Ridgeway Turkey

Looks like our occasional visitor, Ridgeway, survived Thanksgiving! (So named for his geographical preference v.s. species)  Pictured here out our backdoor window, we think he returns in search of more of Ray’s discarded granola bars. Hope you all enjoyed a … Continue reading

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is a marketing tool by which a brand will make a compelling offer to potential customers (leads) in hopes of converting them into new customers. Lead generation on the Web is often accomplished by creating a form on … Continue reading

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Occupy Occupy

You’ve heard the word “Occupy” a lot lately thanks to the Occupy Wall Street movement. That word seems to have been taken over by the Web, and it’s just doesn’t make sense. Since the OWS movement started I have seen … Continue reading

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Time Management – ha!

“I don’t have the time”, “ I can’t seem to catch up”, “Where does the time go?”, “Not enough hours in the day” – sound familiar?  And I’m just talking about our work days! The first mechanical time device appeared … Continue reading

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