Jeff Bezos is the next Steve Jobs

With the recent death of the Apple icon, Steve Jobs, the industry is looking for the next innovator that will change technology. Matt Rosnoff, a CNN reporter writes Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the next Steve Jobs.

Who is Jeff Bezos? Jess Bezos is the founder, president, chief officer and chairman of Amazon. He is a classic computer scientist graduating from Princeton and then working on Wall Street before following his aspirations to start his own company in 1994. He has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year as well being selected one of America’s best leaders by U.S. News and World Report.

It is clear that both Bezos and Jobs share alot of similarities, both being given up for adoption at Birth but they also share several business practices and personal characteristics. It appears to me that Bezos is well on his path to success with products like the Amazon Kindle, proving to push the company ahead of the competition. Personally I can attest to the expansion of Amazon, being a major customer for the past few years.

I find this article interesting because I believe a lot people don’t really know much about either of these men besides the fact that they’re iconic. Just like Jobs he is said to be a control freak and to abhor dissidence. Does this make him bad ? No considering it is a lot of pressure when you’re on top. This does not outweigh the smartness and desire to change the world they both shared.

In time we will know if Bezos’ ingenuity can further change the world.



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2 Responses to Jeff Bezos is the next Steve Jobs

  1. avatar Skip Meetze says:

    Nice post. Bezos is a cool dude. I would like to read the CNN article, but the hotline is not working for me.

  2. avatar Brian LePore says:


    The links in the article have been corrected. Thank you for informing us.

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