5 Years at The BrandBuilder Company

This week marks the 5 year anniversary for Kevin, Christine and I began our employment at The BrandBuilder Company. I have really enjoyed my time here.

While I have worked in the Web business 2002 working part time as a student at SUNY Brockport, and then working part time at MCC while I finished my masters degree following my internship at Harvard Medical School, it was not until I was hired by The BrandBuilder Company that I ever worked a full time job. I cannot express how happy I am to work here. An incredible atmosphere, friendly co-workers, doing work that I enjoy, located close to home — all great benefits to working here.

I cannot express how great these last few years have been. I am looking forward to the next 5, 10, and beyond.



Brian is the Director of Development and Social Media for Brand Builder Websites where he oversees the development, strategy, and goals for our software development. He is also a huge fan of Android.
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