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Does Social Media contribute to a companies success?

With many social media platforms established a lot of companies have been pushed to this alternative way of marketing. Social media platforms are broken into 3 categories — social media platforms that help you network, social media platforms that help you promote, and social media platforms that help you share.  Joshua-Michéle Ross, the SVP and director of digital strategy, Europe with Fleishman Hillard writes what he believes are 3 ways to improve your company’s social media architecture. His free ebook on social media architecture is also available here.

What is the correct structure to your company’s social media? The answer is there isn’t one but when you cannot visualize your social media footprint, then you have a problem. A lot of companies do not keep track of the activity, and the bigger the company the harder it is. How can you expect your audience to change and grow if there are no changes made.

A potential customer is unlikely to be aware of your product because it is true that the social web is driven by groups of like-minded people. As a customer of many products I find myself being attracted to company who establish themselves with professionalism and likability. Structure is everything and it is easy to see the difference between a profitable company versus one that struggles.

I believe social media is the future and as companies begin to invest they will begin to see results.




Pamineo is a employee for the BrandBuilder Company where he works 2-3 mornings a week while completing his senior year at Bishop Kearney H.S. in Rochester, NY. After High School he wants to attend college to major in either Software Engineering or Computer Science.
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