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Staying safe while using Facebook on mobile phones

Mobile User

It seems to be that lately there is a growing concern for security with social networking. A San Francisco Bay Area writer and media consultant, Amy Gahran , writes about how to stay safe while using facebook on your mobile phone.

About one-third of Facebook’s 750 million users access the site from mobile phones. What does that mean? Well some Facebook-related mobile security risks have to do with how you use Facebook in general. Others relate to how your phone and its various mobile communication channels handle security when you’re using a Wi-Fi connection rather than your carrier’s data network. For example, many people set their phone to use a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible, in order to curb their data usage, which can get expensive. If you use Wi-Fi on your phone, depending on how your mobile browser or Facebook app handles security, someone might snoop on your login credentials (“sidejacking“) and use them to impersonate you on Facebook. They could even lock you out of your own account.

These along with many other problems are what users are faced with every time they long in from their mobile device. There’s some help on the way, however. On Tuesday, the nonprofit group MobileActive published its list of tips for using mobile Facebook more safely.

Although MobileActive’s guide did not address third-party services, it does provide a lot of information that even myself as a user seems to neglect.



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