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Foursquare recently updated their point system to assign bonus points for users that are on a particular streak. While Foursquare has had a “3 days this week” bonus for some time, they have enhanced it slightly for users that go for visit a particular locations 3 days in a row.

Example of a streak in FourSquare

Example of a streak in FourSquare

They also now assign bonus points for visiting a business, or a type of business, for so many weeks in a row. It doesn’t even need to be in the same state. I was just on vacation for a whole week two weeks ago, yet earlier this week I got bonus points when I checked in to the mall by me saying that I have been to malls for 6 weeks in a row.

Streaks are useful because they can highlight behavior. They are being referred to as a badge of honor/badge of shame by one of Foursquare’s co-founders. Seeing that icon should make you reflect upon what you’re doing. They may make you stop visiting fast-food establishments or they may seem like a reward for visiting an establishment and checking-in even though there are no deals going on at that time.



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