Consumerization of Devices!

Yeah, that’s a mouthful… but somehow an acronym of COD doesn’t quite make it – like visions of a Norwegian smoking up some cod fish!

But OMG describes my awareness of just how much and how quickly the growth of mobile everything has taken over.

Check out  Jerry’s blog of 6/21/11 for the stats but I’m basing my non-professional realization of this phenomena  after  just having  attended two large area Jazz festivals.  Both the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Fest and the Saratoga Jazz Fest had mobile websites with festival lineups and pertinent fest info.

Sure, the in-depth hard copy programs were available to the crowds but I was truly amazed at the number of smart phones, net books and tablets!  Everyone wants access to everything now!  Instant and easy will probably become the consumer’s mantra!

We’ve all tried to view a website (built for desktop screens) on an smartphone – it just doesn’t work!  Speaking for myself, in frustration, I end up exiting out from those sites.

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Kathy is the former office manager at the BrandBuilder Company. She was most likely to be the person on the other end of the phone when you called our office. Providing professional and courteous service to our customers was her goal, and she looked forward to getting to know those she helped.
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