Is your website mobile-ready?

Announcing MobileBrandBuilder… our new mobile website solution.

As the percentage of smartphone users crawls over the 50% mark this year, it should come as no surprise that mobile web viewing time has grown.  In fact, a recent study highlighted by Mashable shows below that consumers are now spending more time on mobile apps than on the web.

This should lead us to conclude that more and more consumers will expect, and soon demand, to view our websites from mobile devices. Here at The BrandBuilder Company we’ve been working on making that transition simple and affordable for the business owners we serve.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of MobileBrandBuilder, our solution for designing and managing a mobile website. Based on SiteBrandBuilder, our popular self-managed website software, MobileBrandBuilder allows business owners and organizations to quickly and easily develop an effective online mobile presence.

Don’t wait for your competition to jump ahead of you.  Contact us today to find out how we can help.





Jerry is the president and owner of Brand Builder Websites. With an intense desire to help others succeed, Jerry guides business owners and professionals toward good decisions about how to effectively deliver their online message to the right audience. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, customer service and sales, Jerry excels in helping people and businesses connect, collaborate and grow.
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