Less is more… right?

Many of you may have already spoken with Kathy over the last few months. She is likely to be the friendly voice that greets you when you call our office. We’re excited that she’ll be contributing to our blog. Below is her first contribution.


I’ve jumped on the “less stuff” band wagon!  Old story, I’m sure many of you can relate.

I moved to a smaller home four years ago, got rid of a lot of “stuff” and boxed up the remaining, all important, necessary, can’t live without “stuff”.  Well, that memory laden “stuff” is still in those boxes waiting for me to appreciate and use, or, more to the point – to ponder over, avoid and wrestle with!

And now the 21st century band wagon waves a green banner for reducing, reusing and renewing – yikes!  Where to begin?

We’re inundated with tips from the experts – online, in print and on TV – who tell us to create piles, make decisions, a little each day, etc.  But it’s my “stuff” we’re talking about!  Being green and practical are tough opponents to sentimentality.

A once over of the office I can handle… from the coffee cup that holds 14 pens (and you only use that one favorite black fine tip pen!) to the overcrowded bookshelves with phone books from 2005 and that silly tchotchke from a long forgotten convention goodie bag –  sort, recycle, toss – done!

The results are very Feng Shui-like , less distractions, better focus, it generates energy.

Kathy is the Office Manager at The BrandBuilder Company.



Kathy is the former office manager at the BrandBuilder Company. She was most likely to be the person on the other end of the phone when you called our office. Providing professional and courteous service to our customers was her goal, and she looked forward to getting to know those she helped.
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4 Responses to Less is more… right?

  1. avatar Jan Helm says:

    Hi Kathy, you look great. I had a similiar “But it’s my stuff” moment recently. I love my books, but how much are they really helping me sitting on the shelves? Some of them I forgot that I owned. They are really good at keeping the dust up off the floor, I have to admit, but beyond that….? Still, there is something deep inside that says getting rid of books is just wrong. So, the bottom line is this: make some positive, but difficult decisions about getting rid of stuff, in my case a whole lot of books – or – put off that Spring cleaning for (yet) another year?

    Any insights?

    • avatar Anita Snell says:

      I prefer to call my “stuff” Treasures and yes Spring Cleaning can wait a few more months..

    • avatar Kathy says:

      Jan – I’ve dealt with the book quandary by donating them to my local library for their annual used book sale. You can get a tax-deductible donation form AND that warm fuzzy feeling that your books are going to “nice homes”!

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