Facebook: The Next Step for Your Business

After you’ve created a Facebook Page for your business (visit here if you haven’t set yours up yet), you need to think about how to best leverage it in order to increase revenue.

First, make sure your Page is optimized with relevant content. Put in information about your business, its location, hours and why customers should choose you over another competitor. What sets you apart?

Create a custom logo for your Page. Rather than simply uploading your standard logo, why not create a customized version that features a photo of your business or perhaps some employees? Victoria’s Secret does a good job with  this… and over 10 million people agree.

Be sure you’re doing all that you can to increase the number of people who “Like” your page. Put the URL for your Page on advertisements, signage, coupons and in the signature of your e-mails. Think of it as another website for your business.

Many businesses struggle with what to put on their Page’s Wall over time. Ask yourself two questions: 1) What type of information would my customers (or potential customers) find useful and intriguing? and 2) What would I like to promote to individuals through this low-cost means of “advertising”?

Answering these questions will help guide you. Running a special on a weekend? Put it on your Page. Get the word out. Looking to hire some people? Same thing. Think of your Facebook Page as a way to communicate with people in your community.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s a two-way conversation. You can’t just push, push, push information on people. Encourage them to give you their feedback. And in return, give them something — maybe access to a unique Facebook coupon or special.



Ray is the founder of the BrandBuilder Company. Ray’s entrepreneurial spirit was evidenced over the next decades as he seized opportunities to expand his business portfolio by focusing on the needs of his customers. His visionary outlook, creative ideas, strong interpersonal skills, and business acumen contributed to his success as an owner and operator of several businesses: a coin-op laundry, dry cleaner, equipment sales and service company, a construction company, an educational toy store, a not-for-profit, bird-of-prey educational company, a marketing company, property development and others.
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