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8 Workplace IT Issues Hurting Small Business

Small to medium size businesses deal with a variety of IT issues that can often drain internal resources. These Information Technology trouble spots, if left unaddressed, can cause inefficiency in the workplace and possibly contribute to losing existing customers and prevent you from gaining new ones.

iStock_000014644962XSmallIn other words, ignoring the problem is costing you money. Let’s take a look at 8 areas of IT where your business may be struggling:

1. EMAIL:  Is your email tied to a specific computer that could be lost?  Are you using a gmail, yahoo or a roadrunner email address? (Some think that may be a little unprofessional.) Can you share calendars and have your email and calendar pushed directly to your phone?  Modern email systems should make your communications and scheduling tasks easier.

SOLUTION: Email is our thing.  Let us migrate you to powerful, web-based email systems from Google.  Google Apps for Work can unchain you from old fashioned email system and allow you to enjoy communicating on any device.

2. BACKUP:  Are your files being backed up and verified?  Can you recover a lost file and can you recover from losing your office in a catastrophe?  Having a comprehensive backup plan is significantly less expensive than losing data or paying to re-enter years of records.

SOLUTION: We now have the expertise to design and implement a backup strategy to keep your data safe and available.  Call us now, before you need us later.

3. WINDOWS XP:  Support for Windows XP ended last April, and the further we get from April, the more vulnerable these aging system are to hackers.

SOLUTION: We can help with new computer installations, data transfers, email transfers and getting you up and running on supported operating systems.  We can also train you to use Windows 8

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Gruttadauria’s New Online Bakery

For the past 100 years this local bakery has been creating and serving up the world’s finest Italian confections. With a wide variety of tasty cookies, cakes and pastries, Gruttadauria Bakery has dominated the Rochester NY market for decades.

We are extremely honored to play a part in the storied history of this fourth generation family bakery by designing a new online web presence that highlights its popular Facebook page and features dynamic content capability for easy viewing on mobile devices.

Gruttadauria Bakery Website

New Website Redesign and Custom Web Development by Brand Builder Websites

We also developed an online bakery page that makes it possible to order their popular cookies anytime and have them shipped anywhere throughout the continental US. In fact, orders started coming through the very same day the website launched, and one buyer expressed their excitement saying…

“Tonight I placed an order on your website for a box of cookies to be sent to my aunt and uncle in South Carolina. When they lived in Rochester they had your cookie trays at their wedding over 50 years ago and they still fondly remember and talk about them all the time! They are true fans of Gruttadauria Bakery and I can’t wait until they get this Christmas present… they will be thrilled!”

Check out the new Gruttadauria Bakery website or stop by the store located at 1600 Ridge Road West in Greece NY. We know you’ll be thrilled too.

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Color Contrast Effects Users

Black on gray works for Batman. For the rest of us design with good color contrast so that people can read your site.

Color Contrast: Accessibility

It should come as no surprise that everyone sees the world differently. Some people have great eyesight, others have poor vision. Some people are color blind. Color blindness comes in many forms. Some do not see the world in color (Monochromacy). They view the world like an old black and white television. Some see certain colors differently (Anomalous Trichromacy). Others completely lack certain colors (Dichromacy). There are three major types of color blindness in the latter category.

  1. Protanopia – people who cannot see the color red. This condition affects 1-1.3% of men and 0.02% of women.
  2. Deuteranopia – people who cannot see the color green. This condition affects 1-1.2% of men and 0.01% of women.
  3. Tritanopia –  people who cannot see the color blue. This condition affects 0.001% of men and 0.03% of women.

When designing your site you must remember these people. Check the color contrast of your text and images. Is there enough contrast between colors that these users can use your site like you intended?

Consider the following image from our Mobile Solutions page.

Color blind users see your site differently. Remember this when you're considering color contrast.

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Improve Indexing with RSS and XML Sitemaps

A new Google best practice guideline says that you can improve indexing with XML Sitemaps and RSS feeds.

Improve Indexing: XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps are a topic I’ve covered a few times on this blog. A basic XML Sitemap is simply an XML file that lists most or all the pages on your website. This file resides on your website and should update itself regularly. The XML Sitemap protocol also allows you to specify the following:

  • The last modification time of the page.
  • The frequency of updates.
  • A priority level for that page to your site.

XML Sitemap files are very useful for search engines. They make it very easy for them to discover pages on your site. But these files are not downloaded often since content rarely changes on most pages. For major changes to your site you can ping Google, and other search engines, telling them to re-download your XML sitemap.

Google also supports their own changes to the original XML Sitemap protocol. A Google Image Sitemap lets you add titles and captions for images found on each page. This text content helps improve indexing by simplifying the keywords associated with these photos. Video sitemaps let you include a title, description and duration along with the video.

RSS feed + XML Sitemap = Improve Indexing in Google.

RSS feed + XML Sitemap = Improve Indexing in Google.

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