Website Design & Development | Rochester NY

Our standard of excellence is simple: design engaging websites that are attractive and functional!

web designOur Approach To Websites

Our website projects are broken down into phases based on the type of work being done. Unless there’s a specific reason not to, our website packages include a mobile site.

  • Design –Depending on your needs and budget, we offer standard “templated” designs or a custom design.
  • Development – The choice is yours: a Self-Managed website or Fully-Managed. In both cases, you’ll always have 24/7 secure access to your website should you need it. With the Fully-Managed, you can rely on us to take care of all the necessary website updates you may need on an ongoing basis.


Custom Website Design Process

We start the discovery process by listening and asking questions that help draw out your needs, desires and goals. Uncovering what is most meaningful to your company and customers is the main objective. Our designers work collaboratively with you to develop a holistic plan that meets your current and future needs. We feel it’s a vital part of the process to look at future goals, industry trends and market data when designing both websites and branding strategies.

Look & Feel
Carefully and thoughtfully selecting color palettes, typeface and imaging styles while maintaining the integrity of your the branding strategy is the next step in the creative process. What is the “feeling” you want when the user first looks at the site and how do you want them to “feel” when they leave the site? By understanding what emotions we want to express and receive, we are able to create a design that engages the user. 

Mock-Up Stage
At this point of the process, we begin to pull all of the design elements together into a cohesive, structured site for your review. We listen to your feedback and continue designing until you look at the website and say “that’s it, I love it!”. 

Building Your Website
After the website design is approved, our developers will start to build the site. We then begin migrating your content and navigation into the website and work closely with you through the process. If you do not have content, or wish to update existing content, we can provide this service starting from the beginning of the discovery process.