Google Apps for Work | Rochester NY

Google Apps for WorkWhat is Google Apps for Work?

It is a full-fledged corporate communications suite built for small to medium businesses. It enables enterprise-level functionality at startup pricing.


The Core of Google Apps for Work is:


  • Email (Gmail), which also allows for shared contacts, delegated email and free aliases.
  • Hangouts. This is Google’s answer to video-chatting and screen sharing. Not just PC-based, you can hang out with your friends on your phone or tablet.
  • Calendar. The Google calendar is automatically shared within your organization, but can also be shared outside, with other Gmail users. With a click of a checkbox you can see what everyone else in your organization is doing.
  • Push Notifications. Google Apps will seamlessly push to your Android, iPhone or Blackberry, along with any flavor of tablet. No 3rd party software is needed for this functionality, or added cost.
  • Google+. A social networking site designed for businesses.


Google Drive. Every user gets 30gb of cloud storage on Google’s award-winning servers. Store documents, share documents, back-up important files. GDrive is a great alternative to Sharepoint, thumb drives, external hard drives or even expensive cloud backup systems. Integrate Google Drive into your computer and see it as just another drive to save documents to.


  • Docs, Sheets, Slides. This is Google’s answer to Office. Build your own documents online, and save them as popular Microsoft formats. Nobody will know you’re writing your documents on the cloud!
  • Forms. An easy and efficient way to create fillable forms for use at work or on the web. This tool is a must for those asking for information.
  • Sites. Easily create and maintain corporate intranet sites.



Google Apps for Work


$50 per user annually

more than 10x the cost

eMail - Included

Outlook/Exchange needs servers and licensing

Document Management - Included

Sharepoint needs a server and licensing

Cloud Storage - Included

Dropbox, sugarsync, etc. cost extra

Office Document – Included

Word, Excel, Powerpoint are extra

Video meetings – Included

Webex costs extra


Benefits to migrating to Google Apps

  1. Moving corporate communications to the cloud removes the need for costly IT support. Most everything within Google Apps can be managed remotely without full-time staff.
  2. Google Apps scales with your organization. Whether you have 1 user or 200 users, you only pay for what you use, and you never have to upgrade servers, licensing, hardware or install client software.
  3. To try and get the same functionality of Google apps in-house, you would need dedicated servers, 3rd party connecting software, costly Microsoft software and full-time administrators.
  4. Google Apps works across all platforms and devices. Windows, Chrome, Linux, Apple, phones, tablets and even some wearables can all view and update in the Google Apps environment.
  5. You are no longer tied to a machine to get your email. The same email/calendar on your desktop is automatically on your phone, your tablet or the airport Kiosk.
  6. You can eliminate costs to your organization like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint and costly backup strategies.
  7. If you absolutely love Outlook, Google has an Outlook connector that allows you to continue using Outlook, but hooked to Google Apps instead of Exchange.
  8. Your old mail can be migrated to Google Apps so you don’t lose anything.