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Google supports a third method to handle mobile sites -- dynamically serving different HTML on the same URL. We are calling this Dynamic Content for short.

WIth a mobile solution your website can look great on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.This is essentially the same concept behind a separate mobile website, except it uses the same URL for the desktop and eliminates the need for bidirectional tags between desktop and mobile pages.

With dynamic content websites you have one URL for a given page, save on bandwidth, and can create a differentiated experience based on context.

For these benefits you lose the extra search query data from the mobile websites, and your administration is simpler than a mobile site, but not as simple as a responsive site.

We achieve this mobile solution through a modification of our MobileBrandBuilder solution. These modifications include:

  • Same number of pages with the same page names on both the desktop and mobile websites.
  • Renaming a page on the desktop renames it on mobile and creates a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one on both.
  • A single file gallery that is shared between both sites.
  • Title tags, meta tags, Twitter Cards, Open Graph cards, and Scheme tags are pulled from the desktop page if they are not set on mobile.
  • Pulls the content from the desktop version of a page if no content was set specifically for the mobile page.
  • Automatically pulls the desktops robots.txt and XML Sitemap. Home screen bookmark icons are pulled from desktop if they are not set for mobile.
  • Does not include the (unnecessary) bidirectional tags linking the desktop and mobile pages.

Despite them being the same URL, mobile users can still click a link at the bottom of the page to switch back and forth to the desktop and mobile versions of a site. This preference is remembered by the user for future visits.

Our dynamic content solution includes the Vary HTTP header as instructed by Google to instruct their crawler there is a different version of the site based on the device type. We feel that this solution is ideal for sites that are primarily interested in marketing their site through social media, email marketing, and search engine marketing, but do not need the extra search engine data.


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