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A Rochester NY online web-marketing agency that provides great looking and easy-to-navigate websites, including mobile. We offer affordable customized plans for search engine optimization, social media marketing, online advertising
and creative design services.

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About Jerry Grundman

Jerry is the president and owner of Brand Builder Websites. An entrepreneurial executive with an intense desire to help others succeed, Jerry guides business owners and professionals toward good decisions about how to effectively deliver their online message to the right audience. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, customer service and sales, Jerry excels in helping people and businesses connect, collaborate and grow.

iOS 5 Upgrade Notes…

For anyone considering the upgrade to iOS 5 for their Apple devices… here are the iPhone release notes. Even that old 3rd Gen iPod Touch will get in on the action. Release Notes iOS 5 Software Update This update contains … Continue reading

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Is your website mobile-ready?

Announcing MobileBrandBuilder… our new mobile website solution. As the percentage of smartphone users crawls over the 50% mark this year, it should come as no surprise that mobile web viewing time has grown.  In fact, a recent study highlighted by Mashable … Continue reading

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We’re in the Last Days of Computers

It’s a little difficult to imagine that something so familiar and, for many of us, so absolutely essential to our every day lives… may soon be thought of in the same we way we now think of cassette tapes – a relic … Continue reading

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Is Your Business Suffering From Poor Communication?

  As with the common cold, the pervasive nature of poor communication is both at once astounding and predictable. From the corporate giants to the small mom & pop shops, there is no immunity to poor communication and the affects it … Continue reading

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