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Monthly Archives: October 2011

October, 2011 archive page for Brand Builder Websites.

Jeff Bezos is the next Steve Jobs

With the recent death of the Apple icon, Steve Jobs, the industry is looking for the next innovator that will change technology. Matt Rosnoff, a CNN reporter writes Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the next Steve Jobs.


How to Evaluate a Web Developer’s Work in Regards to Search Engine Optimization

When you are paying a Web marketing team thousands of dollars for the development of a new feature for your website, it is remarkably easy to get caught up in details such as the web design of the application or … Continue reading

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5 Years at The BrandBuilder Company

This week marks the 5 year anniversary for Kevin, Christine and I began our employment at The BrandBuilder Company. I have really enjoyed my time here.

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5 years and still going …

This week marks the 5 year anniversary of my time with the BrandBuilderCompany. When I first started back in October of 2006, we were simply know as Ignite Worldwide and our focus was on providing website solutions for small businesses. … Continue reading

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